Born in Sassari in 1978, in a family where love of arts is part of daily life: her mother a ceramist, her father a painter, both Art teachers, two brothers, respectively a musician and a photographer.

Grown up in Gallura, since her childhood lives in a creative environment that feeds her curiosity and passion for nature and colors, specially those of her land and the sea of Sardinia, which become main themes of her stylistic research and her works.

Graduates in 2006 at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Sassari, with a specialization in decoration.  She restores and turns the old family studio into her workshop, where she still lives and works on her creations.

Her paintings have been fist displayed in Sardinia, though in the following years she takes part, both in mainland Italy and abroad, of collective exhibitions and painting workshops, among which notably Salzburg Sommerakademie, under the guide of the Zhou Brothers, renowned international artists.

Alongside with painting, Lucia always had a sincere passion for volunteering. She often organizes and takes part in art-therapy courses for disabled kids, while also teaching private painting classes for adults and kids of all ages.

Artistic Residences

Salzburg, Austria

Yenişarbademli, Turkey
Summer Worshop



Olbia, 2011
Winner of “Sa die de sa Sardigna” painting prize

Sennori 2009
Sennori Art Winner




Archaeological Museum

Yenişarbademli, Turkey
Summer Worshop